Booking your theory driving test

Before you book your theory test, you need to make sure you have done all the practice you can. A test costs money, so you can save some money on resits by taking practice tests online. 

The tests for cars, motorbikes, and heavier vehicles like lorries and buses are different. A car licence will cover a motorcycle licence too, but a motorcycle licence will not necessarily cover a car licence. For heavy vehicles like lorries and buses, you will need to apply for a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). 

You can book your theory test online or by phone. Be aware there may be call charges if you use the phone to book your theory test. Booking online does not cost anything apart from the test fee (see below).

What you need before you book

The first thing you will need is your UK driving licence number. This can be found on your provisional licence or in correspondence from the DVLA you may have received. A theory test cannot be undertaken without this number. Make a note of it somewhere safe. 

The second thing is a working email address. This is to allow the people administering the test to communicate with you and for you to be able to apply online. If you don’t have an email address, or don’t want to give it to the government, you can book your theory test by phone. 

Finally, you will need a credit or debit card. Theory tests cost money and you have to be able to pay in advance for the test, so you’ll need your credit or debit card. If you don’t have one, call or email the administrators and ask what you can do.


A car and/or motorcycle test currently costs £23. 

If you are applying for your lorry and bus test, the first part (part 1a) costs £26. Part 1b costs £11, and part 2 costs £23. That is a total of £50.

Disabilities, health conditions, and difficulty reading

It is important to tell the invigilators before you take your test if you have a disability, health condition, or difficulty reading. There is help available, including extra time, having the questions read to you through headphones (in English or Welsh), and other support. It is your right to have the support you need, so please make use of it. 

To get help with booking your test, use the following resources. 

DVSA theory test booking support 

Telephone: 0300 200 1122 

Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm 

Find out about call charges

Northern Ireland

The rules for getting your theory test in NI are slightly different. Your UK driving licence needs to be registered to a Northern Ireland address, and the DVA is not accepting Maestro cards online, you’ll have to call them if you only have a Maestro card.

Welsh speakers

All the test materials are available in Welsh as well as English. If you would prefer to use Welsh, please contact the people at the place you will take the test so they can arrange it for you.

Retaking your theory test

If you were unlucky enough to have failed your theory test, you can try again after 10 days. A lot of people fail it, so don’t worry. If you are struggling to learn everything you need, try look for some of the theory test websites that have realistic tests that are based on the real thing. This will get you used to the types and layouts of the questions, so you are more relaxed when you go for the real thing. 

Taking a test can be nerve wracking. It is a simple thing, and most people find that it was much less intimidating when they got there and did it. Practice will help you feel more confident. Take a few of the online tests and see how you are doing. If you’re getting passes every time, it’s the right time for you to take your test. 

The UK government has a dedicated webpage for booking your theory test, it’s a very convenient tool. You can find it here. For Northern Ireland, look here

Good luck with your theory test!