Booking your theory driving test

The theory driving test is a computerised means of testing highway knowledge. There are two parts to the theory driving test, a multiple-choice test and hazard perception. Both of these sections must be taken and passed within the same session to obtain your theory driving test certificate.

The multiple-choice part of the theory driving test has fifty multiple-choice questions on a touch screen computer and a 43/50 score must be achieved to pass. The test last for around an hour and all questions must be answered.

You will have 15 minutes practice time at the beginning of the theory driving test to get used to how to use the system. You can go back to a question at any time to fill in your answer. In the hazard perception part of the theory driving test you watch fourteen clips, each lasting a minute in time.

These are filmed from the perspective of a car driver and you have to indicate a developing hazard you observe by touching the screen. The sooner you react to a developing hazard you score more points and you must score 44/75 in order to pass.