Booking your practical driving test

The practical driving test you are about to take will need to be booked in advance. There are many test centres across the UK, so after phoning to book you may need to wait a few weeks for a slot to become available, but this gives you time to polish your skills.

On the day you sit your practical driving test, relax, but do not take any medication to calm yourself down as this may impair your driving abilities. Choose a time of day when you can fully concentrate whilst driving and your practical driving test should be fine. Do not be scared of the examiner, as he will mark you fairly.

It is also worth taking an extra driving lesson before your practical driving test, to put you in the mind frame for driving the rest of the day. You can be expected to complete a series of tasks the examiner will ask of you during the test, but you will not know exactly what he will ask.

However, remembering everything you have been taught will see you clear of achieving a good result in your practical driving test. Do not attempt the practical driving test if you are not confident.