Requirements to sit your motorcycle test

For the test you will need to have a suitable bike that meets the min vehicle requirements and the motorcycle must be the same for both modules of the test. More details can be found by contacting your local test centre.

You must wear the correct safety clothing for your motorcycle test, including helmets, boots, gloves and any other clothing. Before your test you must provide your driving licence, your basic training certificate and your theory motorcycle test certificate.

However, if you have a moped licence and want to upgrade to a full motorcycle licence you dont have to sit the CBT and theory motorcycle test certificate.

Module one takes about twenty minutes to finish. This includes a series of manoeuvres at a min speed requirement of 32 miles per hours. Module two is the section on road of the motorcycle test and takes around forty minutes to complete.

This part of the motorcycle test has the eye sight test, the balance and safety questions and the road section that covers a wide variety of traffic and road conditions. During this part of the motorcycle test the examiner can follow you on a motorcycle and use a radio to give directions.