What does Motorcycle Insurance cover?

There are three main types of motorcycle insurance. 

Third party insurance covers damage to other people and their property. This is the minimum required by law, and you are committing an offense if you drive your motorcycle without it. If you have an accident and cause damage to someone‚Äôs body or their property, your insurance company will cover the expenses. 

Then there is third party, fire and theft cover. If someone steals or burns your motorcycle, you can get the expenses paid by your insurer. 

Comprehensive cover is the most common form, and is often cheaper than basic third party coverage. Comprehensive does what it says on the tin: it covers everything, in principle at least. Most comprehensive cover includes damage to yourself or your own property, theft, fire, and legal expenses. 

Many insurers offer cover for things like gloves, helmets, and bike gear. It is very easy to lose this gear or have it stolen, and the cost of including them does not increase your insurance price by much, so it is worth considering.

What is not covered by Motorcycle Insurance

What insurance you can get for your motorcycle depends on a few different things. Your age, experience, how much you can pay, the type of motorcycle you drive, and any previous claims can alter what insurers are willing to cover. 

Comprehensive cover can basically cover anything you want it to. If you are at fault, you can still get coverage that pays for your medical and practical costs. You can even add personal accident cover, which can reimburse you lost wages, even if the accident was your fault or the other driver was not insured. 

The main limit to motorcycle insurance is breakdown cover. You need to add this separately to your cover if you want by the roadside support. Another limit is passengers: they will need pillion cover, which you can add to your insurance or theirs. This is mandatory. 

Your insurance will not pay out if you deliberately put yourself in danger, your injuries are self-inflicted, you were under the influence of drink or drugs, or you were committing a crime when you were injured. Policies vary, so check the small print.

Motorcycle Insurance Policies

You must have third party insurance but the rest is up to you. Insurance can be much cheaper than for cars but comprehensive cover can be expensive, especially if you include personal accident cover and breakdown cover. 

A very wide range of insurers offer motorcycle cover. It is easier than ever to compare them online, so it is recommended that you get several quotes before you decide to get one. 

Every rider forgets some of their gear at some point, and many people have their gear stolen, so getting this included on your insurance can save a lot of problems from occurring. 

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most dangerous forms of transport. Everyone falls off at least once, and you are put at considerable danger by car and lorry drivers who cannot see you well. You do not need to go far to find horror stories. Because it is so easy to injure yourself, or be injured, on a motorcycle, it is recommended that you get comprehensive cover with personal accident cover. This will pay for your medical bills, repairs or a replacement for your bike, and help you out with missed earnings.

Motorcycle Insurance for Learner Drivers

If you are learning to drive a motorcycle, you will need to be insured. This is a legal requirement. The minimum you must have is third party insurance, but this is sometimes more expensive than comprehensive cover, so check that out too. Learner drivers are the most risky drivers on the roads, especially on motorcycles. Comprehensive cover while you are learning to drive can be the difference between losing your bike and your health, and getting back on your bike and completing your training in the quickest time possible. 

Learner motorcyclists are recommended to have personal accident coverage. This will cover your medical bills and loss of earnings if you are involved in an accident. Considering how little it costs, it is worth it for this at-risk period (and beyond).

Shop around

You can find exactly the insurance you need if you take a little time to look. Safe driving!