What does moped insurance cover?

The minimum required by the Road Traffic Act of 1988 is third party insurance. Third party means it covers damage done to another person or their property. You must have at least third party coverage to be legal on the roads. Driving without it is an offense and can result in you being banned from driving, 8 points on your licence, and being liable for the damages, which can be extraordinarily expensive. 

The next step up is third party, fire, and theft. If someone steals your moped or sets it on fire, you are insured for the costs. 

Most people get comprehensive cover. This covers you for personal injury and damage to your own property, even if you are at fault. The advantages of this are clear. You can add breakdown cover if you want to have roadside assistance. Another common addition is personal accident cover, which will pay you your lost earnings from a time spent away from work due to an accident.

Moped insurance policies

The price and cover of your moped coverage can vary considerably. One of the big factors is the size of your engine. Because small engine mopeds do not go very fast, they are cheaper to insure. Age is another factor: young people have more accidents so they are more expensive to cover.

If you have passed your Compulsory Basic Training, you can drive your moped on L plates with a provisional licence. You must have insurance when you are learning to drive any vehicle, mopeds included. Insurance will not cost a huge amount, but if you can get a better price if you can pass your theory and practical tests. If you get your AM licence, you can drive up to 18mph on your moped without L plates, and it will be much cheaper. 

Getting a full A1 or A2 licence can reduce your insurance costs even more. When you are over 19, you can get your A2 licence, you have to be 17 or older to get your A1 licence. 

Also included in many moped insurance policies is cover for your gear. Losing gloves and helmets is easy, and people steal them too. It can make good financial sense to have this gear covered. 

When you are looking for the right policy, be sure to shop around. A lot of comparison sites offer different prices for the same products and the savings can be significant if you spend a little time getting the best deal for you. 

Very often, comprehensive cover is less expensive than third party cover, so factor that in.

Things to consider when choosing your moped insurance

The first thing to consider is price. How much can you afford to pay. If you cannot afford even third party insurance, you should not be driving at all. However, if you have the cash to pay for comprehensive cover, it will almost certainly save you a lot of money over the lifetime of your moped. 

Many insurers offer discounts to people who put black box recorders on their bikes. These record your speed, direction, and other factors, and prove to your insurer that you are a good driver. The better and safer you drive, the less your insurance costs. For learner and first timer drivers, this can mean big savings. 

Another factor to consider is whether you can get included on someone else’s insurance. This can reduce your premiums considerably. 

Your moped gear can cost as much as your moped, so if you are a forgetful person, or are worried you might have them stolen, consider getting them insured. 

Are you likely to need roadside assistance? If you are just cruising around town, you might not need it. Going further afield makes getting help more difficult without insurance, so think about whether you need this. 

Getting injured without personal accident cover can mean you lose a job and income. It does not cost much extra and could save you losing your house and more. It is worth considering. As is comprehensive cover, which will cover you if you cause an accident. Learner drivers are inexperienced, they often cause accidents or are involved in them. You might be too, so get full coverage.