Why take an intensive driving course?

Some people need to get their driving test done quickly. If there’s a job waiting for you to be able to drive, you need to get it done. Or maybe your circumstances have changed and now you need the freedom and flexibility of a car. 

Some people learn better in short bursts. Having one lesson a week could mean that everything you learned last week has leaked out of your brain by the next lesson. It can result in extra lessons, which means more time and more money, time and money you would much rather spend on going places in your new car than learning things again and again. 

An intensive course is ideal for a lot of people. Daily practice, a quick pace, lots of support and instruction, and a final date to aim for. It can be much easier to organize too.

What are the benefits of an intensive driving course?

One of the most immediate benefits is the amount of money you have to spend. Sometimes, a week’s intensive learning on a course can be significantly cheaper than weekly tests spread over a month. Of course, prices vary a lot, so if price is crucial to you, do a comparison before you invest. 

Another clear benefit is the support you get. An intensive driving course is exactly that: intensive. You are going to be spending a lot of time in a car with the same person over the days of the course. They will quickly get to know you and your driving and learning styles, and this kind of attention can help you become the best driver you can be. 

A lot of intensive driving courses have the test rolled into it at the end. You spend a week learning how to drive with the best instructors, then they take the test with you at the end. In a week, you can go from not having a clue how to drive to being a fully qualified driver. The transformation is remarkable. 

Some intensive driving courses give you money off or the lessons for free if you do not pass. For learner drivers who are not confident, or are trying again to pass, this could be a great way of getting your driving licence.

How to find an intensive driving course?

Nearly every city in the UK has at least one intensive driving course available. Most driving schools offer them and they are very popular. The government does not have a tool to search for intensive courses, but if you use this tool you can find instructors and schools and enquire that way. 

One of the best ways to find a good intensive driving course is to ask people you know who have recently learned to drive. First hand experience is invaluable, so ask everyone you know before you start a more intensive search. 

The most common way to find is simply to use a search engine like Google. Search for “intensive driving courses near me” or “intensive driving courses near insert location here”. You will get dozens of answers.

Choosing the right intensive driving course for you

The first thing to look at is location. Where is the course held, and can you get there every day? Next, price is a big factor. Can you afford the lump sum or are your finances better suited to stretching the course over weeks or months? 

Looking at online reviews can tell you a lot about the style and process of different schools. There are a lot of different ways to teach people how to drive, so pick the one that sounds more suited to your learning styles and availability. Reviews can highlight problems with schools, and don’t just look for the highest rated schools, look through the comments to see what any problems are. 

Choosing an intensive driving course is not for everyone. You need to be able to take a week or so off work, or change your work to odd hours. This can be logistically and financially difficult, so make sure you know you can afford the time, not just the course, before you apply.