Applying for a driving licence

There is such a broad range of advantages to having a driving licence, but how do you begin the process of obtaining one?

Well the first step is to find a driving instructor or a driving school where you can begin your driving lessons. You cannot obtain a driving licence without learning how to drive.

When you have taken a few lessons and feel confident about your road knowledge, you can begin the second step towards obtaining one by taking your theory test.

Once you pass your theory test and have had more lessons, and feel fully confident about your motoring ability, you can pass the final test of obtaining your driving licence by taking your practical test. All of these tests can be booked via your local driving test centre.

Of course you cannot take any of these steps towards getting your driving licence without first sending off for a provisional driving licence, which is wise to do as soon as you turn seventeen. Your provisional driving licence can also act as a form of identification.