What does Car Insurance cover?

This varies considerably depending on what you want it to cover and what you can afford. 

The most basic car insurance covers your expenses if your car is damaged, or you cause injury to other people: other drivers, passengers, or pedestrians. You must be covered for liability to other people, there is no escaping that. 

When your car is damaged, it can be extremely expensive to repair. If you damage it yourself, your insurance might not cover it. However, if someone else causes the damage, your insurance and theirs will cover the damage and/or injury. If they do not have insurance, they will be in a lot of trouble, but if you were insured, you will probably still get your repairs and medical bills covered. 

Car insurance can cover the cost of a new car if yours is stolen, damaged, or vandalized. This is not legally necessary, but it is a sensible precaution.

Different types of Car Insurance

Beyond the stipulated liability to others cover, you can almost pick and choose your car insurance. How much you are willing or able to spend decides a lot of the options available to you. 

The most basic form is third party insurance. This is the legal minimum requirement, and covers injury to others and damage to their property. Just because it is the most basic form does not mean it is the cheapest. 

The next step up is cover for third parties, fire, and theft. If your car is stolen or set on fire, you can have your expenses paid for. This can include a hire car while you are getting a new one/awaiting repairs. 

Comprehensive cover is the most expensive but the most desirable form of car insurance. Comprehensive cover can vary, so check the terms and conditions, but it will almost always cover damage to your own car, not just third party damage. Insurers often offer a courtesy car for when you are awaiting a replacement or repairs. An important part of comprehensive cover is the legal expenses cover. Lawyers and court cases are expensive, and even if you are not at fault, you can incur some serious expenses. Insurance against legal expenses can save enormous amounts of money and keep you on the road. 

Some insurers allow you to add other drivers to your policy. This can save a lot of money. 

Companies like the RAC and AA offer breakdown cover. This is a form of insurance that gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that wherever you are, you can get help if you break down. It does not cost much, compared to the cost of your car and fuel, and can save endless problems.

Car Insurance for Learner Drivers

If you are going to be driving on the road, you need insurance and at least a provisional licence. There is no way around this, so if you are thinking of learning how to drive, you need to look at learner driver insurance. 

Learner drivers are amongst the riskiest drivers on the road. They are usually young, always inexperienced, and almost always nervous. Statistically, learners are more likely to be in accidents (and worse accidents), so having a form of insurance that is more than third party cover is a sensible choice. 

You can get third party insurance for learner drivers in a couple of ways. If you are learning with a professional driving school, the cost of insurance is usually included in the price of the lessons. It just means that if you crash their car, you won’t be liable. 

People who are learning with their friends or family need insurance. Third party cover is the most basic but often not the cheapest. Comprehensive cover is recommended because it covers damage to your own car and person. Accidents are common for young people, so it makes sense to cover their car too. 

dding a learner to an experienced driver’s insurance can reduce the premium significantly. It is worth exploring this option. 

Black box policies are increasingly common and can save you a lot of money. Having a device like a dashcam that records the telemetry of your car can back you up in an insurance claim. Most insurers offer lower prices to people with black box devices. The longer you have one and drive safely, the lower your insurance costs.