Requirements for booking a test

To book your theory test, which is the first part of the testing scheme, you will need a few things. 

You will need your provisional UK driving licence. For a motorcycle test, you will need your provisional motorcycle licence, for cars, you will need your provisional car licence, and so on. Make sure that the test you are going to try is the one your provisional licence will allow. If you don’t have the right one, it will take up to 15 days for your new one to be delivered. Bear in mind it will cost money too. 

You will also need an email address. This is so the test centre can contact you easily. If you do not have an email address, or cannot use one, you can book by phone instead. 

The next thing you will need is a credit or debit card. This is to pay the fee for your test.


Car and motorcycle theory tests cost £23. 

Lorry and bus tests vary: 

part 1a costs £26, 

part 1b costs £11, 

and part 2 costs £23. 

Disqualified drivers pay substantially more for their tests.

Who can learn to drive?

Most people can learn to drive when they are 17 or older. You can take your moped test when you are 16 years old. 

People who wear glasses or contact lenses must inform the DVLA of their impairment if they want to drive. The minimum requirement for eyesight is to be able to read a number plate at 20 metres. However, some eye conditions can disqualify you from driving, so make sure you check before you try to book. If you have corrected vision, you must wear your glasses or lenses any time you drive. Your eyesight will be tested. 

If you have been disqualified from driving, your disqualification certificate will inform you when you can apply for your licence. You will need to undertake the whole test again.

What will you need in the test?

For the test, you will need your UK photocard driving licence. If your licence was issued in Northern Ireland, you must bring the photocard licence and the paper licence. Failure to have these documents will cause your test to be cancelled. There is no refund if you are at fault. 

Replacing your licence can take up to 15 days, so if you are going to miss your test, get in contact. Rearranging your test is easy and can save you a lot of money.

Reading difficulties, disabilities, or health conditions

When you are booking your theory test, you should tell the test centre if you have difficulty reading, a disability that could affect your performance, and/or any health conditions that are relevant. There is support available for people who have difficulty reading – you can listen to the test instead of reading it. This is available in English and Welsh. If you have a letter of support from a doctor or educational professional, you can be entitled to extra time for the test, having someone who can read you the questions on the screen and write down your answers, or someone to reword questions you do not understand. 

If you have a preference for your assistance, please tell the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), they will make the decision if you do not tell them. 

Deaf or hearing impaired people can take the test in British Sign Language. If you need, you can have a BSL interpreter with you. Hearing loops are available. 

Booking your test

You can book your test here. The British government have made it very easy to do so via their site. However, you can book via your local testing centre if you want to do it that way.

Do you need a test

If you are upgrading from automatic to manual, you do not need a new theory test. Likewise for going from small (A1) motorcycles to medium (A2) motorcycles if you have had your licence for 2 years. You do not need a theory test for your towing licence, if you are moving up minibus categories, or medium to large vehicles. Taxi driving tests and tractor driving tests do not need one either.